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Main Entry: twist
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: misrepresent
Synonyms: alter, belie, change, color, contort, distort, falsify, garble, misquote, misstate, pervert, warp
Antonyms: explain, explicate

Politician and word twister are like twin brothers. They can't be separated. Today the BAR were raised higher although by a different profession. I'm appalled to read in the Sun that with better efficiency there will be an increase of 300-400% in cost to the end user. For the first time i'ved heard such argument. Let see some interesting snippet quoted directly from (this link will be obselete within one week - alternative link ).

Legal fees are expected to shoot up by 300-400% in the coming months. The reason: rising costs due to the better efficiency of the court system in disposing of case.
.. while the Bar Council had supported the changes introduced by Zaki, the public must, however, be prepared to fork out higher legal fees due to the changes.

He said that legal fees in Malaysia were “fairly cheap” compared with those in Singapore and Hongkong.

By and large the legal profession has been supportive of the changes but the public must understand that it involves more than dollars and cents

 Interesting also when they try to compare our fees with country like Singapore and Hong Kong when they per capita income of those country is at least 3-4x higher than us. Here are some random figure taken from the net indicating the per capita income of those three country in 2008. Maybe we catch up already in 2011? Hmm...
Malaysia  USD15,300 (2008 est.) 
Singapore  USD52,000 (2008 est.) 
Hong Kong  USD43,800 (2008 est.) 

Ps: Wonder what happen to the Susilawati case. Another twisted fate?

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  1. oh tak sangka legal fee pun naek. btw secara general semua sekali or yang gov based punya ye..?
    my sister bukak firm, tak pernha tau asal fee sume ni naek ke cane..wah nak gi tanya lah..


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